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Restoration Quotes Part 2

There’s a lot that goes into pricing out a restoration, so I wanted to go into more detail.

Here are a couple more factors that go into pricing restorations.

Location of Damage

If there’s a tear or stain in the background of the image, that’s a lot easier to repair than damage going across a person’s face. Working on faces is much more time consuming, because there are so many details to address and it has to be done carefully. This gets more complicated when there are a lot of people in the photo.

Type of Work

Over the years, we’ve taken people out and put them together; by that, I mean we have people together from two separate photos, or removed people from an image. If that’s the type of work you’re looking to have done, it can be quite extensive. Similarly, we can colourize a black and white photo. Have a clear vision in mind of what you want to have done with your image before you come in. When combining two photos, I strongly advise having two images of similar distance i.e: Avoid one full length and one close up image.

Memorial Photos

We’ve done a lot of memorial photos over the years, whether they’re on display at the service or put on to the gravestone later. We’re very familiar with the size requirements and happy to communicate These photos start at $75 but the price can go up depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

All of these projects are doable, but they take time. At Nerses Photo Studio, we have over forty years of experience in this type of work. It’s that experience that goes into our pricing. Given how unique each project is, that’s the main reason we need to see it to assess it.

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