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Baby/Child Passport Tips

Nerses Photo Studio is one of the leading providers of baby passport photos in the Niagara region. We have over fifty years of experience taking them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing to get your child’s passport photo:


Work with your baby’s schedule; avoid coming in when it’s normally nap time.

Hands Free

No other person can be in your baby’s passport photo. This includes your hands. We at Nerses Photo have a system designed to avoid this. If the baby is wearing layers, you can put your hands under their clothing to help them keep their heads up.

Not Necessarily Neutral

If your baby is smiling during their passport photo, consider yourself lucky. It’s the one and only time that having a neutral expression is not a 100% requirement. The passport office tends to understand that a neutral expression is not always feasible for an infant. This includes having an open mouth.

Avoid Accessories

I’ve discussed glare on the glasses before, but there are a few new rules. Your passport photos should not have visible accessories. This includes clips and hairbands, so make sure that your child doesn’t have any of those showing in their photo. Your photos can be rejected for that. Ponytails are fine, so long as you can’t see the hair tie.

Lead By Example

Even if you don’t need your photo, taking one to show your child what to expect can calm their nerves. This shows them what is going to happen. Ask the photographer if you sit or stand next to your child so they’re not alone. Kids get confused when they’re told not to smile for the camera, so it’s a good practice to explain the purpose of the photo.


School uniforms and patterned clothes are fine. Though the passport photo comes out quite large, it is printed closer up, so most clothing won’t be seen in the final product. If you are concerned, by all means, bring a spare outfit for your child, but avoid a pure white shirt.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please feel free to get in touch.

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