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Preventing Passport Pandemonium Part 3

Ah, the ever changing world of passports.  There are always small tweaks to be added to the formula.  The last thing anyone wants is to have their hard work derailed at the last minute by a photo that doesn’t meet the specifications.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting ID photos.


I stress this because it’s the easiest way to nip problems in the bud.  First of all, know exactly what kind of photo you need.  A Canadian passport, firearms license and student visa all have different requirements.  Make sure you know what you need ahead of time.  This includes digital ID photos.  Ask if your photographer has a way to send them to you.  Here at Nerses Photo Studio, we will email the image to you; we will not accept your flash drive.  There are new systems coming into place with regards to an image database where you will receive a number and you can collect your image from there.   We do offer this service.


Glasses, glasses, glasses, the great debate continues.  Although Canadian ID photos don’t ban glasses, we recommend removing them.  If there is glare from the lenses, your photo can be rejected.

Earrings have become another issue.  In Chinese visa photos, there are to be no earrings at all.  However, for Canadian photos, small earrings are fine, but you want to avoid huge heavy loops.  Furthermore, hair clips, barrettes and hair ties can be grounds for rejection.  You can pull your hair back, but avoid having those objects visible in the photo.

Head gear worn for religious purposes is fine, take care that they are not obscuring your eyes at all.


You want to avoid pure white clothing; it can cause you to blend into the background.  A minimal pattern is fine and will cancel out this effect.  For Canadian passports, there is no formal dress code.


Babies can have a non-neutral expression, but many of the same rules apply.  For example, babies must have their eyes open, along with both ears showing.  If they have to be supported, no part of the parent holding them can be visible; even a fingertip peeking out is grounds for rejection.  At Nerses Photo, we have a variety of ways to make sure you get the best photo possible.  Otherwise, call ahead and confirm that your photographer will work with babies and newborns for ID photos.

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