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A Secret Cedars Wedding

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a hell of a year so far. With COVID-19 regulations changing on what seems like an hourly basis, we’ve had to adapt to ever changing circumstances.

The wedding industry has been particularly hard hit. I’m proud to say that here at Nerses Photo, we’ve been able to work with couples in these circumstances. Some have rescheduled for 2021, others are going ahead on their planned days, with minimal guests.

One of our early fall weddings was supposed to be a large event, with a lot of relatives and the whole shindig. This couple opted for both strategies: changing the date and going smaller. The big family party will take place next year. The wedding took place a couple of weeks ago, with only the parents present. For this year, the concern was getting married, so they decided to have the ceremony in our garden.

Luck was on our side. It was a gorgeous day. The ceremony was short and sweet and we did family and wedding photos immediately afterwards. That’s one of my favourite parts about working in our garden. Everything is accessible within a few steps. Later, when we were working with the bride and groom, the parents could watch and relax. The small group and scenic locale made for a beautiful day and we sent the group off to their celebration dinner right on time.

Despite the craziness of this year, I’m happy to say this couple was still able to walk the aisle.

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