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Holiday Portraits

These holidays are going to be unlike any other.

Here’s a brief outline of our plans to provide you with safe family photos this holiday season.

First off, we’re encouraging our clients to keep the portraits small; don’t venture outside of your family bubble. I know there’s a temptation over the holidays to get everyone together for these moments, but with Covid-19 still running amok, we feel it’s best to remain cautious.

For our part, we will be wearing masks for the duration of your family’s photo session. We will be maintaining our distance within the Studio, so we may ask someone to make an adjustment that we would normally do. This can be as simple as fixing someone’s hair, adjusting a tie or making sure the clasp on a necklace is hidden. We will do our best to communicate these needs effectively so you can get the best results in your photos.

As always we encourage people looking to get holiday photos done to book early. We will be setting strict appointment times to give us the opportunity to clean and disinfect before the next family comes in.

We will be using a minimum of props this year, to keep things as tidy as possible. We have holiday themed backgrounds to use, as well as more neutral ones. If there’s a specific prop you want, we advise that you bring it in and let us know in advance so we can plan around it.

If the weather outside isn’t frightful, we do offer outdoor portraits as well. We encourage families to get the majority of pictures done inside and then perhaps go out at the end for one final pose.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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