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Guide to Grad Portraits

Over the past two years, many students have missed out on the graduation experience, but they don’t have to lose out on thir graduation photos. At Nerses Photo, we over a grad portrait package for $99; this includes the sitting, an 8×10 and two 5x7s of the same image. We want to make sure that students and parents have something to celebrate such momentous achievements. Before you call to book your appointment, there are some things you can do to improve the process.

1. Colours are Key

From your grad gown to the academic hood, those colours matter. The first thing I’d recommend is to get in touch with your school and see if they have the gowns/hood available. Usually they may charge a small rental fee, or simply ask for a returnable deposit. If that’s not an option, ask for the colours and they can be ordered, though there will be an additional surcharge for this. If the colours aren’t terribly important to you, let the photographer know, because using the gown + cap is sometimes enough.

2. Style

This is more of a personal choice. Do you want a more relaxed and casual grad portrait or are you looking for traditionally academic? Either one is fine, but try to have an idea in mind when you book your appointment. We can provide either an outdoor setting or a standard studio background. If you’re not sure, say so; you might find the more casual photo to your liking, or vice versa.

3. Props

Grad portraits can be as elaborate as you like. If you want to bring flowers, hold a mock diploma or have family with you, let the photographer know. Having time to plan for these props or people can make a big difference towards getting the outcome that you want. If you and a group of friends want photos together, that’s certainly doable, and can make for an absolutely fun time and creates a fun memory.

At Nerses Photo, we’re happy to be able to offer photos to Niagara grads of all ages, from preschool to pre-med. Call or inquire on our website today.

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