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Breakdown Part 1: Restorations

At Nerses Photo Studio, we offer three main services: Portraits, weddings and photo restoration. I’ve decided to provide a short breakdown of each facet of our business. We’ll start with the most complicated: Photo Restoration

In the beginning, we’d take a photo of your image and retouch it using specialized dyes, chalks and pencils. These days, we scan the photos and retouch them via software. For larger prints, we will start with photographs, but the vast majority are digitized. We never try to repair the original print, because the risk of damaging it further is too great. These are the most common types:


Improper storage will discolor photos, including direct exposure to sunlight. Depending on the level of restoration clients want, we gather as much detail as we can about hair and eye color, clothing, etc. and work it back in, section by section.

Rips and Tears:

Damaged photos need special attention, especially if the tears go across someone’s face. It’s a complicated process, but worth it in the end. Incidental tears can be corrected easily; however, when there’s a lot of intricate patterns, it’s important to be thorough.


These jobs involve isolating or removing someone in a photo. The size of the photo and posing of the people determines the job’s difficulty. Common causes for these projects include creating memorial photos and changes in family dynamics.


Every photo is different, so we can’t offer quotes over the phone; however we encourage clients to come in. Once we see the photos in person, an assessment is quick. If there is a time crunch, let us know and we’ll have your photos ready by the time you need them.

For examples of our work, check out the Restoration gallery:

To contact us for a quote, click the link below.

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