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Fall Photos

Fall is an amazing time of year and it is one of the most popular for family portraits. It’s easy to see why: the brilliant colours, the texture of the leaves on the ground and the lighting are appealing on a lot of levels. Fall bookings fill up fast because there’s such a short window of time to get the effect most people are after. Here are a few tips to get the family pictures you want in autumn.

1. Colour Scheming

With the brown, orange, yellow and green leaves around, earth tones suit fall portraits best. A brilliant red can also stand out, but it’s not the best time for pure white clothing as it can take away from the beautifully contrasting colours all around.

2. Dress for the weather, plan for anything

Seems obvious, but fall can be a mercurial time of year. It’s a good time to dress in layers to compensate for whatever the temperature might be. One of the most common things I tell people is that it’s impossible to fake being comfortable. If people are cold or hot, then that discomfort can sometimes translate into the photos. Prepare for the two extremes and hope for the best. Even nice jackets can add to the aesthetic of a photo, though it is best if they’re not too bulky.

3. Food for thought If there aren’t a lot of leaves on the ground when it’s time for your appointment, try importing colour by the bushel. You can add a lot of vibrancy by incorporating apples, gourds, pumpkins and corn stalks, among other things. They don’t have to dominate the picture, but it can make for a lovely splash of colour in the background of your pictures. As an added bonus, you can have some fun moments with kids when there are unusual objects of interest for them to interact with during the session.

4. Timing is Everything Juggling multiple schedules is never easy, but fall can present an additional challenge when it comes to portraits. With the days growing shorter, the window of opportunity for outdoor photos gets narrower. Aim for late morning or later in the afternoon to ensure you’ve got enough light for your sittings.

5. Get down When you have a smaller group, especially children, don’t be afraid to get dirty. Sitting on the ground brings everyone closer to nature and each other.

Make the most of your fall pictures.

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