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Killer Engagement Photos

You’ve finally done it!

The champagne’s been popped, the significant other said yes and pretty soon you’ll start planning a wedding; but before that, you can consider your engagement pictures.  There are a few things to bear in mind with them, but we’ll go over a couple of those now.

1. The Reason

Your engagement session can be used for your wedding invitations, or save-the-date cards, for your signing board…. even to announce the engagement.  That’s right; you can let the world know, in style.  If you’ve kept the arrangement quiet, an engagement session can be a great way to let the world know that you’re planning on tying the knot.  You can use a photo on social media, or displayed at a family meal to let the world know the good news.  No matter how you plan to use the pictures, they can be a great value for you.

2.  Time and Place

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Location, location, location!  Our clients are welcome to use Secret Cedars, our private park, to do their engagement photos, but we’re also happy to go to different venues.  Consider places that are important to you:  Your own place, the restaurant where you had your first date, or even the spot where you got engaged.  This can make the experience more personal for you.

The other thing to consider is when to do the photos.  I usually recommend getting them done in a different season than the wedding.  With a short engagement, there isn’t time for that, but when you’ve got a few months in between, it can make for a nice variety in photos.  It creates visual interest if you’re going to have a lot of photos of the two of you at the reception.

Engagement photos can be used to tell the world you’re getting married, and to help celebrate the next step in your relationship.

You pictures should be unique to you; let the meaning come from the location or even your favorite time of year.  Get the most out of your session by making it personal to you.

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