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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you. There’s a bit of advertising here and there and next thing you know, it’s a mad dash to pick up a bouquet of flowers and most of us are past the age where painting a clay pot will do the trick. Rather than picking up another box of chocolates, here are a couple of ideas for a unique gift this Mother’s Day.

1. Family Photo How often does Mom say “I want a nice picture, everyone smile!”


This Mother’s Day, try doing just that. You can arrange to have the session done on Mother’s Day proper, or give Mom a gift certificate for a family portrait sitting. It’s a perfect gift for the person who has everything and it’s the kind of present that never goes out of style. The photo session can be set up straight away or you can wait until the warmer weather comes and have them taken in our Secret Cedars garden. It’s also a chance to do some pictures of Mom and Dad together, just the siblings, and even…

2. Grandparent Photos

It’s a fact: Moms sometimes turn into Grandmothers and there’s nothing like giving them pictures of the grandchildren that they can show off to their friends. This Mother’s Day, you can up the ante by setting up a family sitting with the whole clan. Be sure to take advantage of the portrait sitting to do a multi-generational picture: grandparents with their children and grandchildren.

3. Restore an old Photo

If you are current on your family photos – fantastic! Another option is to bring in an old picture to a specialist like Nerses Photo Studio. We have over fifty years’ experience in bringing new life to old pictures. Whether it’s an image from Mom’s childhood, your own, or even her parents, restoring an old photo can be an absolutely breathtaking gift.

This photo was a Father’s Day gift; the client brought in this photo of her father and his mom. This was initially a large wall portrait and her father had recently moved. Not only did we repair the color correction issue, we also shrank the image down to a more manageable size.

There is still some time before Mother’s Day, so considering dropping into Nerses Photo Studio to discuss some of the options put forward in this article.

(PS: Flowers are still appreciated.)

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