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Our Situation

Given how rapidly the Covid-19 situation is evolving, we still cannot open for most of our usual types of business. Please note that the Canadian government is extending all applications for ninety days, so if your passport etc. is expired, you do have an extension. We cannot open for passports or other ID photos unless it is an emergency situation.

That being said, we are available for certain specific curbside options.


If you have a photo restoration project, please set up an appointment to drop off the image, along with your contact information. We can provide a quote via phone or email. When the work is done, we will contact you and you’ll be able to pay and pick up your image.


We’ll be able to reprint images. Please note that ID photos are only valid for six months. We’re able to reprint portraits and restorations, though there might be a delay in when they’re ready. We can set up an appointment for curbside pickup and/or delivery.


Once we’re given the okay to open, we will be instituting changes to maximize social distancing.


To ensure social distancing we will be booking by appointment once we open. ID photos will be booked in fifteen minute blocks. Family portraits and wedding/restoration consultations will vary from half an hour to an hour. You’re welcome to call ahead or contact us on our website.

Limiting People

We respectfully ask that the people coming into the Studio are limited to those who need their photos done. Exceptions will be made for young children or those with mobility issues. This is to help us avoid having clusters of people in the Studio at any time.

As before, the situation is still ongoing, so we will adapt as circumstances evolve. We look forward to reopening and helping the Niagara community with all its photography needs. We’re still answering the phone, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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