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Wedding FAQs

With wedding season fast approaching, it seems like a good time to go over some of the questions we routinely receive when we’re talking to prospective clients.

Do we have to use Secret Cedars?

Certainly not.  Our private park, Secret Cedars, might not be appropriate in all circumstances.  If travel or time constraints are an issue, then Secret Cedars isn’t something we insist on with our clients.  There are so many beautiful halls and wineries that it might not be necessary to come here.  It’s simply an option we present to our clients.  We are happy to travel anywhere in the Niagara region and beyond.  Depending on the distance, the might be a small fuel charge, but that is addressed at the time of booking.

Do you keep the original photos?

Yes and no.  If we think the image will look better, we will put some in black and white or sepia tones.  We keep colour versions of these images, in case that’s not to a client’s taste.

It is true that we take more images than a client will receive on the CD.  For instance, if we take 600 images, the client may wind up with the best 175.  The reason for this is to ensure we give our clients the best possible photos and avoid duplication as much as possible.  If you have a large family or wedding party, we will may take ten photos to ensure we have three that are up to our standards of quality.  We edit these images, so our clients don’t have to sift through photos of people looking in the wrong direction or who have their eyes closed.  This process is time consuming and we would rather our clients see the best of the best images.  Once we have sifted through the entirety of the photos, we discard the ones that are not up to our standards.

 Why are the pictures 5x7s?

The final images our clients receive are almost always 5x7s.  There are exceptions for panoramic style shots.  The photos are high resolution, meaning the can be printed pretty much anywhere.  We keep the larger files, for advertising purposes and if your clients want wall portraits.  We do not recommend trying to get very large prints from our 5×7 files as they will likely come out blurry.

Can we go to more than one spot for wedding photos?

If time permits, absolutely!  We don’t put a cap on the number of locations a wedding party can visit for their formal pictures.  At Nerses Photo, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in that regard, but we always have a mind for the rest of the day.  The last thing we want you to be is late for your own party!

If you have an extra spot in mind, but time is going to be an issue, considering sending the wedding party off to the reception and getting a few additional shots of the bride and groom.  This can all be sorted out ahead of time.

How does payment work?

First off, thanks for booking with us!  Payment is handled in two installments.  The first 50% is done at the time of booking.  This secures your date.

We typically like to have a meeting the week of the wedding to confirm our details and go over the schedule.  The final installment is due at this point, or the week of the wedding.

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