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Wedding Prep

Wedding Day Planning

Wedding planning is a fun, exciting time, but there are loads of things to keep in mind. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be a three hour gap between the wedding and the reception. That’s no longer the case. So in this blog, we will discuss a couple strategies to avoid having those big gaps in your special day.

Wedding Party Photos Ahead

One option is to transition smoothly from the ceremony to the reception. You can do this by having wedding party photos done before the ceremony. This frees up time and lets you enjoy a cocktail hour or a few quiet moments before the reception. If your timeline is very tight, this is a great option. As far as family photos go, I would recommend doing those after the ceremony. They don’t take as much time and waiting will ensure everyone is together. If you plan your family photos ahead of the ceremony, you run the risk of people being late or getting lost, which can delay things.

You do have to be more careful with your posing as you want to avoid anyone getting dirty before the ceremony. If your dress has a train, keep it bustled for as long as possible, and only undo it for a few photos. This will help keep it pristine.

Guest Activities

When doing your wedding party photos after the ceremony, guests will need something to occupy their time. You can arrange a cocktail hour at the venue, in order to give guests time to mingle and free you up for the photos. If you’re at a winery, try to arrange for a tour while you get your photos done. This will keep your guests occupied and keep them on site.

Use the tools at your venue’s disposal to ensure the day goes smoothly.

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