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Wedding Weather

Everyone wants a perfect sunny day for their wedding. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen, especially in the Niagara region. So what do you do when your day is wet, cold or windy?

Plan Ahead

As your wedding gets closer, you’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for you, weather wise. If there’s a possibility of inclement weather, try calling some venues to see if they have space for the wedding party. A lot of hotels like having the activity that comes with a bridal party coming in for photos, but you should call ahead of time. Some places may have a fee, some won’t; avoid a mad scramble the day of by having a contingency in place.


If you’re planning to take your bridal party to another location for photos, check it out ahead of time. Are there places you can work if the weather goes south? You’d be surprised how little space you need, when you’re a good photographer. You can get some lovely photos under an awning. As a lowly young assistant, I’ve held an empty pizza box over the photographer’s head so they could get the shots needed. With a good location, you may not need to change things up much at all.


Make the umbrellas part of your aesthetic. Have them be all black, all white, alternating, or even add an extra pop of colour.

If worse comes to worse and it does rain, work with what you’ve got. The weather is part of your day at this point, so let it be part of your story. Umbrella pictures can be quite cute and playful. If you have a large wedding party, make sure to bring enough umbrellas for everyone. You should be looking at one umbrella per couple. If you know well in advance and you’re super detail oriented, you can pick up umbrellas that match the theme of your day, or alternate them with white and black. There’s no harm in adding a bit of extra flash to the day. With a bit of pre-planning umbrellas can add a fun look and an extra style element to your wedding party attire. Make the weather work for you.

Cold Weather

Speak of accessories, if you’re having a wedding in the winter, prepare for it! Seems like an odd thing to say, but I’ve seen a number of brides feel like they can handle the cold and wind up freezing afterwards. Bring boots. Even if you don’t need them, someone else might, but the odds are good that you’ll wind up with quite the chill if you don’t have them ready.

Cross Your Fingers

Sometimes you get lucky. I’ve been to weddings where it was pouring in the morning, then clear by the end of the ceremony. You might get lucky. Not only that, overcast skies actually make for the best photos. They provide a great deal of drama to images and you don’t have to worry about people squinting into the sun or having heavy shadows.

In the end, the day is all about you and yours. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, own it anyway.

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